When Maral moved to Las Vegas 8 years ago, she found outlets where she freely practiced her passions. She made connections with some of the most supportive people in the community. She is very grateful for the experiences she gained along the process. Whether you’re tuning into her TV show or catching her singing at a local venue, her mission is simple, to put a smile on your face. 


New LIVE show coming soon!

Over 40 million tourists visit Vegas every year but did you know that over 2 million locals call Vegas home? There has always been a misconception from outsiders that Vegas does not really have a sense of community. As a local, Maral knows this is not the case. There’s something deeper to Vegas than what people see on the surface. Above is a show she produced and aired on the Armount TV Network. Stay tuned for her new LIVE show starting in JULY. More info coming soon!


Some of the venues Maral has performed at include; Container Park Downtown, Green Valley District Outdoor Stage, Big Dogs Brewery, The Beat (before it was the Eureka, Downtown) and other private corporate events. She was featured in Vegas News: https://www.vegasnews.com/174142/the-district-at-green-valley-ranch-invites-the-public-to-a-series-of-free-summer-concerts-featuring-talented-local-bands.html For future bookings please call 702-613-5111.